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Dear Governor,

I am writing you this letter to inform you of how, I was treated at court on 04 APR 2006. I am currently serving on active duty stationed at Naval Hospital Charleston South Carolina. I have served two tours in Iraq and one in Haiti in 2004. I was cited for littering in your wonderful city of Columbia, SC while visiting the city.

I understand sir that littering is a crime and I'm not trying to argue that it is right. I pleaded no contest to the act because I didn't know if I had done it or not and didn't want to wait any longer due to the fact that I have a 17 month old son who needed to be picked up from daycare by 1700(5:00) and it was the 1500(3:00) at the time I was called up. I have been taught not to argue with the law enforcement because they will always win so I didn't, but what I can't understand sir is how the trooper could tell that it was a cigarette but that I threw out if anything, going 60 mph down the highway.

While sitting in the courtroom I was witness to numerous cases against other people who violated the law, everything from speeding 25 over, driving on suspended license and even driving with stolen tags and in which all get dismissed from court. So I was in no worry that I wouldn't have to pay the steep $465 dollar or half of the littering ticket when wreck less driving in which death could be a result of is no more than $500 and in fact where getting dismissed in this court.

When called in front of the judge I was asked what I wanted to plea and when I said no contest not more than 5 seconds later I was deciding did I want to pay for the 8 hours or do the 8 hours of community service, on top of my original $465 ticket that she informed me. Sir I have contributed 6 years of national service and when the judge told me I had to do community service I was at shock. I ended up paying for community service which made my



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