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There are several subproblems that we think have contributed to the employees leaving the company such as the work load of the employees. Do we have enough employees to keep everyone from getting burned out? Is the work load evenly distributed so that all the work gets done in an efficient and effective manner? Another problem that may be contributing to employees leaving is the communication in the office. Is there enough information being distributed among employees about the companies direction, values and goals? Are there enough face-to-face meetings between employees and managers about their direction and what they expect out of their employees? The issue of delegation is another issue that may be contributing to employees leaving the company. Are the tasks being delegated to the employee that can complete the task in a timely, efficient manner? Are there enough resources for employees to get these tasks complete in a timely, efficient manner? Is there enough direction given by the manger for the employee to run with the issue? Is the employee given enough time to work through the task and able to give feedback to the manager? The last issue that we believe is contributing to our problem of employee retention is the pay. Are we paying our employees what they are really worth? Is there a clear path for employees to follow for potential job growth and promotions? Are we conducting enough training to keep our employees knowledgeable of the changes in the industry?

By answering these questions, we hope to get a better understanding of why there are so many employees leaving the company. We also hope that by answering these questions we can come up with and put a plan in place that will address these issues. With this in place we should be able to improve our employee retention.



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