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McDonalds is one of the fastest growing fast-food industries known in the world today. As for any food industry its business is to sell its product to consumers at of course made to its best ability. The difference in what McDonalds has to offer is quickness for everyone. The target is to the general population offering simplicity to all and of course in a timely manner. In order for McDonalds to prepare the workforce in maximize the benefits of diversity would be to embrace and reflect on the diversity of the customers and communities. Such example would be the McDonalds in India, with more than half of India’s people of Hindu backgrounds cows are viewed as sacred animals. So for the McDonalds in India they would have burgers such as the Mutton burger which is a vegetarian burger. In Korea the McDonalds would offer their burger called the Bulgogi made with hot chili sauces catering to Koreans spicy dishes. As for the McDonalds in the United States, Americans are made up of people and culture around the world; thus giving McDonalds a larger window of opportunity of different option for customers. Such changes would be of different meats in the sandwiches for example chicken and fish, but not only sandwiches were added but also finger foods such as the chicken nuggets, chicken strips, and wraps. In the United States today the upraising food fad are choosing a healthier approach in food consumption such as salads and then again McDonalds now serve salads and other healthier menu options. McDonalds does not only cater to different countries, but also states. For example the McDonalds in Hawaii offers spam, egg, and rice in the morning menu and as for the lunch menu McDonalds offer Saimen (noodles).

Prices on the menu also contribute towards maximizing the benefits of diversity. As stated McDonalds target are towards the general population; therefore, anyone and everyone is welcome to eat at McDonalds. Whether the person is rich or poor McDonald’s



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