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Essay on a Friend - Personal Essay

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Saad Aldawsari


Essay on a friend

                 Friendship may be called as a most precious sort of sympathy toward your companion, a worry which may sensibly be comprehended as a sort of affection. Every one of us have friends, whatever we are poor or rich. Friendship is a standout amongst the most valuable blessings of life. A man who has genuine companions in life is sufficiently fortunate Friendship makes life exciting. It makes life sweet and wonderful experience. Fellowship is without a doubt, an advantage in life. It can lead us to achievement or to fate. Everything relies on upon how we pick our companions.

Abdulrahman Alharbi is a gentle and nice friend as well as a good human being. He worked in Saudi Arabia and has been married for 9 years. His wife is a polite and educated lady. They have two beautiful girls. Their names are Reema and Massym. His daughters are very close to him, and they are actually very happy and loving family. Reema goes to school while Massym is still young. Massym was born when they moved to Boston, United States. She loves to play with her sister toys and often break her toys. Abdulrahhman is my best friend and he has very good personality, he was a math teacher Saudi Arabia. His wife got a scholarship of United States, so he went to USA a totally different culture.

Abdulrahman is serious, insightful, and was continually fixated on his present workload. He is extraordinarily dynamic and nature valuing person. He used to live perfect and it is essential for him to clean more than once every day especially in the midst of the late spring when the atmosphere is so hot and dry. Subsequently, he by and large notice incredible and fresh without the littlest sign of body stink basically from sweat. His most supported fragrance is philosophy, which he wears when in a happy personality set. He is indigent upon dated individual and use the new sensible creation as a piece of his standard life by Him moreover like by using calmed chemical, ground staying bug diverse preparatory measures of sterile and wellbeing.

He is such a decent speaker. I review once he was welcome to a conceptual social event and the different speakers talked and he was the last one and the way he hits was puzzling. All the group of onlookers was liker in the state that they all have their wet blankets as he started his conflict. He has referred to eminent people with a particular final objective to help his dispute. I was totally spellbound by his well-spoken talk and that is the time when I transformed into a bona fide admirer of him. He was constantly the point of convergence of thought in the room. I review when once there was talk proceeding about some political thing and Abdulrahman was furthermore sharing in it enthusiastically. As the time passed it transformed into a warmed dialog and a short time later detecting a veritable conflict he mediated and calmed down both sides by letting them know entertaining stories about insane disputes. By doing this air got the chance to be sincere and light yet again. He has such a positive radiation, to the point that whatever is going on he tends to change the difficult situation into light one.

            Abdulrahman was teaching math at the elementary school in Saudi Arabia. Math is among one of the most favorite subjects what he liked during his school days.  He was the best student and used to help other students who were not good at math. Most students like his way of teaching and his clear concepts concepts about math .He describes each and every thing in detail even though he is also a student. Luckily his life took another angle when his wife got scholarship in U.S. They have to go to U.S so that his wife can carry on her studies and this is the only way how she can complete his PhD degree through scholarship program offered to her. Abdulrahman life got totally changes after moving to U.S. First of all, He left his job as teacher which he loved too much and then he went to study English language. It was very hard for a new comer to learn a different language especially when he does not have any ideas of a new language. Second, he has to live with different culture with different people having different believes and faith. It is indeed a very tough job that suddenly your way of living got change that much. You have to leave your family, friends, colleagues and the home where you live all are the things that meant to you a lot. At the start it was very difficult for him to overcome this situation but he did well.

                In Saudi Arabia his life was perfect because he was living with his parents. It was easier and cheaper life than the life in Boston. Before he came to U.S., he got admission to ESL to study English with his wife at Boston. Boston is a big and expensive city. In the start his life was become as difficult as he has to work plus study both at the same time. Boston is a very fast city, one has to work day and night to overcome the expenses of living here. They don’t have even time to take care of their little kids as they both have to go to school. So they hired a baby sitter for Massym.  

                America was a totally new place for him and his family. But they put a lot of efforts to improve it in many manners. Now he could speak English like other people in America, which was a completely new thing for him. Also, he made new relationships and he became used too with different cultures from around the world. To spend a life in new culture you have to build friends and should gain knowledge about their culture, how they spend their life and the environment in which they are living.  After coming to America, Abdulrahman also applied to many schools admission to continue higher studies. After a long struggle he got admission in SC. SC was good choice because it was situated in the mid of the United States. It will be easier for him to reach college at time and complete his studies which were very necessary for him at that time.



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