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Essay on Religion and Science

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Many people, now and throughout history, believe and have believed that religion and science cannot coexist on the same plane of humanity in harmony. However, though this bold statement may have some merit, both religion and science can actually compliment each other in many cases and actually help explain mysterious things about each other. Most of the founding fathers of science were very religious people.

There are many cases in which the sciences actually can compliment religion. For example, the Christian Christmas story mentions that a huge star of celestial object led the Wise Men, shepherds and others to Jesus’ birth. Astronomical extrapolations prove that there was actually a major supernova around the time of Jesus’ birth that would have been visible in the Middle East part of the world. Religion can also help to explain science. For example, in the Big Bang theory (science, not television), it is not clearly explained what ignited it all, which leads one to believe that there is at least some higher power who began the universe, one we know as God. There are people who state that science can and should explain everything. This is simply not true. For example it cannot prove that we as humans actually exist or exist in our present taken form. It also cannot answer the question of what is right and what is wrong, only what is beneficial or non-beneficial for a species as a whole, with major limits o that fronteir as well.

Simply put, religion and science couldn’t and shouldn’t exist, function or explain without each other, and the acknowledgment that the two need each other is something that needs to occur sooner then later. Should that happen, I believe that much more progress will happen in the two studies and the petty differences should be put aside for good.



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