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Environments - Tundra

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Tundra- The tundra is located in the upper northern hemisphere, precipitation is less than 25 centimetres annually. Annual summer temperatures range from 3-12 degrees and winter temperatures range from -20 to -30 degrees. The tundra biome has permafrost which is a layer of permanently frozen soil. The tundra is very flat it also is very cold and dark for most of the year except it has 24 hours of daylight each day during its summer. No trees grow in the tundra, there are some plants that grow close to the ground. Caribou, Arctic Foxes and birds live in the tundra.

Boreal Forest- Boreal forests are located in the northern hemisphere across Canada and the north latitude in Russia, Finland and Scandinavia. Precipitation is around 30 to 85 centimetres annually. Temperatures are below freezing half the year and drop to below-40 degrees. The growing season for the boreal forest is around 50 days. The terrain is usually rough and very wet.

Trees such as the black spruce and white spruce grow in the boreal forest. Finches, chipmunks and moose are some examples of animals that live in the boreal forest

Temperate Deciduous Forest- Found mainly in eastern Canada, the United States, Eastern Asia and western Europe. Southern Australia and New Zealand also have areas where deciduous forests can be found. The annual rainfall is around 75 to 180 centimetres with it raining equally throughout the year. In the winter the average temperature is -30 degrees and in the summer the temperature averages 30 degrees. This biome has four distinct seasons and a long warm growing season. Plants grow in four to five layers with tall birch, maple and oak trees. Some examples of animals who habitat this biome are chipmunks, blue jays and cougars.

Temperate Rainforest- Run along the southern coast of Chile, the northwest coast of North america, New Zealand and part of southern Australia also have Temperate Rainforests. Rainfall is above 200 centimetres per year. Temperatures range from 5-25 degrees. These rainforests appear in narrow strips along coastlines. Lots of trees such as the Douglas Fir tree are located here. Many birds and chipmunks live in this biome.

Grassland (temperate and tropical)- Temperate grasslands are found in Canada and tropical grasslands are found north and south of the equator in Africa, South America, and northern Australia. In temperate grasslands the precipitation is around 25-100 centimetres with hot summers of 30 degrees and cold summer of -10. The temperate and tropical grasslands are mainly flat. In the temperate grassland the oil is very rich and fertile. In both temperate and tropical rainforests trees are very scarce because of limited rainfall. In both temperate and tropical grasslands antelope can be found. In the tropical rainforest the annual precipitation is around 50-130 centimetres with daily temperatures from 20-30 degrees.



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