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Environmental Ethics

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The organization that I have found, which is concerned with environment in a very strong way is COEJL. Coalition on the environment and Jewish life, in other words, was founded in 1993 and since then has been helping many Jewish people connect to the environment. It emphasized the importance of protecting and taking care of the environment by stating that it is based on religion one the most important traditions and therefore it is Jewish people's duty. In the Torah and Talmud the protection of the environment carries a very significant meaning and is telling people that it is essential to protect the environment.

COEJL focuses teaching Jewish people and many other to understand and get involved with the connection of the religion to the environment basing its reasons for doing so on the experts from religious writings. There is a very strong meaning that correlates between Judaism and nature. Based on the websites information where I found out that there is such an organization COEJL, the website states that: "many commandments found in the Bible and laws found in the Talmud instruct us to protect what the Jewish tradition views as "God's creation"- the totality of the physical world which we live in." There are also other three commandments which they discuss. They are: "Bal Tashchit which tells us not to waste and to conserve resources. Shilauch hakeyn which means chasing away the mother bird" teach us to safeguard all species. And the last one is shmita which stands for sabbatical year, which teaches us that economic justice and ecological sustainability are intimately related." One of the most important days of the week, Shabbat, which starts on Friday sundown and ends on Saturday sundown, reminds the Jews that they are one form of creation. It is true that some other holidays and the meals are spent outside in order to emphasize the importance of environment in Judaism. Another holiday where we can see a



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