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Enlightened On Buddhism

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Buddhism is a peaceful yet intriguing religious lifestyle that appeals to me. It is not so much a religion but a way of being, a path to learn by and not to be taught. Buddhism feels like a trek of life that provides path's and routes that you can take by choice in order to reach enlightenment. And to me enlightenment is acceptance of you as a person and others thoughts and beliefs will differ from yours but you accept that.

Buddhism is not a traditional religion where you need to pray to be saved, pray to be healthy, or pray just to pray. You meditate, reflect, analyze and most of all you interpret actions and meanings. I can relate to this because my internal being is always a reflection on actions; I observe others and interpret their movements, body language and facial expressions into a logical and very realistic opinion of their character.

The most appealing aspect of Buddhism is its peaceful and accepting nature. It is not a religion that is force fed to you. It has not produced massive wars in the name of "BUDDAH". It just simply guides you to the path of Nirvana. And interpreted by me Buddhism is a very understanding peaceful religion that provides a healthy and positive state of mind.

As far as the religion affecting my own personal beliefs it doesn't. But it does strengthen my feelings towards a do unto others rule that I live by. While I could never be a Buddhist monk being that I could not do with out a couple of the governing rules. I do think that I can dabble a little deeper into the teachings of Buddha and find my own source of enlightenment. Or even perhaps prepare myself for a step towards enlightenment, whatever would better me as a person.

I think that quite possibly the Buddhist religion would be the one and only religion I could accept. While I cant agree with some of the Scholarly rules that govern the monks and the fact that it is a bit belittling to woman in a very nominal way. I feel



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