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English Colonies

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English Colonies

In view of Jamestown's exposure to the elements such as rising tides, flooding, hurricanes, etc. as well as the swampy nature of the land itself, why would the settlers choose that location above others to establish a settlement? It would seem logical to setup organized communities, like the puritans that foster a central church and a sense of union.

I find it interesting and intelligent of the puritans to setup towns in a configuration as noted in American Promise (p.87) that depicts the standard God would see fit, therefore leading one into heaven. I would find myself content in such an environment that would be favorable if not conducive to gaining acceptance into God's house over the Jamestown colony that simply abused if not adulterated the use of servants. As Winthrop pointed out in The Arbella Sermon that puritans could live peacefully in a "consortship under a due form of government both civil and ecclesiastical (Reading the American Past, p. 47). This sermon points out that puritans were not searching for revenue rather a tranquil area to take refuge from religious persecution.

Conversely, the settlers in Jamestown came to America simply to employ lucrative and resourceful land plots for agricultural development in hopes of a quick profit. These profiteers, as I see it were merely interested in milking the land for cash crops and other sources of revenue. Their express purpose was to make money and increase the trading business, which I see as incorrect and greedy. Using an abusive servant labor system allowed them to employ the use of an easy labor source to generate tobacco crops. Their motives are comparatively callous compared to their Puritan counterparts. In addition their lack of organization and respect for themselves contributed on several occasions to the downfall of Jamestown until King James I finally reclaimed it as a royal colony.



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