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Teachers With English As Second Lang

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Teachers help ensure the future through their student's knowledge and comprehension of different aspects of the world. Without a good education, future generations will not excel in creating a better place to live in for all humanity. Communication is a key element in the student, teacher relationship. When there is bad communication between the two, problems may occur in the educational process. These problems may cause students to not understand the materials presented to them or maybe drop the class because they are so frustrated with it.

One problem that I haves occurred in my college experience is having teachers with English as a second language. It adds difficulty to learn the covered materials, when you have to decipher what the teacher is trying to say. The teacher might know everything about the subject, but because of the language barrier it's harder to get information across to the students. The language barrier works both ways; the teacher might not be able to understand what the student is trying to say, which may also lead to problems. With out comprehensive communication the student and teacher might have a bad learning experience all together.

Selection process

U of M Dearborn has a hiring process of all teachers, that want to become professors or teaching assistants. In this process there are no English exams that test their ability to communicate easily and freely with students. Even though the teachers have to take an English test to even get their degree, that test is mostly base on their understanding of basic aspects of the English language. The main objective of the school should be the education of its students. So teachers should be able to communicate with their students on an easy everyday bases.

The U of M Dearborn has application that teacher have to submit and go through includes a trial lecture, that takes place in front of their fellow colleagues of that subject. The lecture is very technical and informative, using very advanced language that teacher only in that field could understand. Where teachers in that field know what the lecturing teacher is talking about, so they only have to decipher what they are trying to say. When the teacher get in to a classroom with students, the students have to try and learn the material and try to understand what the teacher is trying to say. This leads to problems wit comprehension on the student's part, of the materials.

Some professors don't even come to Universities with the intention of being a good teacher, but work under the "publish or parish" aspects. These Professors are not the most qualified people to be able to teacher students, and don't give student the attention they come to need.

Problems that may occur

Problems that may occur from the language conflicts are, the student might not understand the material. If the student does don't get the require information from the course, it causes confusion, frustration of both parties, and might lead to the student dropping out of a class they might have enjoyed.

Confused student rarely ask questions, on material that they don't understand. If everyone does not ask any questions, they fill like it is a really easy concept, and they will just figure it out by them self later. But In truth the whole class can be left in the dark on the whole subject. Which may lead to a higher failing rate of the class. Some teachers' use a curve to even out the pass/fail rate, but it only cheats the students out of learning every bit of information out of the class.

When students and teachers become frustrated, it only adds to the complications of teaching and understanding the course materials. Frustration is what going to cause the teachers and students, not to have a reasonable fun time with learning information from the course. Frustration only then adds more confusion on the subject, because the mind gets all jumbled with random thoughts and concerns about the subject. When there is frustration in the classroom the teacher can't teach and the student can't learn or comprehended material.

When you are constantly confused and frustrated, it may cause the student to drop the class. The main reason for students to drop classes is that they are receiving a less then adequate grade in the course, and have no chance of saving it no matter what they do. It is a shame that students are put in this situation, where they lose their money for the course and their time they spent in the course, because of some aspect of miscommunication between the teacher and the student.

Ways in receiving help

There are ways for students to receive help at the University of Michigan Dearborn (U of M D) like, office hours, friends, Internet, books, course tools, and tutoring. But mostly students rely on the teacher to help them learn the material covered in the classroom.

Office hours are a good thing to have available for students. It gives the students a chance to go one-on-one with the teacher and asks certain questions



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