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Eng 110 - Letter to Fellow Students

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Essay Preview: Eng 110 - Letter to Fellow Students

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William Itoka

Dr. Mark

ENG 110

31 August 2017

Dear Mr. Clemens,

        First and foremost, I would like thank you for giving me the opportunity to write to your students from college. The chance to tell kids the real High School writing experience is extremely being a rare opportunity. Most people would just lie to the students and tell them that its extremely hard and how frustrating it is to write papers. I think it’s best for to explain the full truth about writing. Just know it’s a lot easier than a high school student thinks.

        Alright so let’s start from first being assigned this project I am currently working on. I was first assigned the project on Monday. Mr. Clemens told us that the project would not be due until 2 weeks from now. With me knowing how High School works 2 weeks is very quick time period if you don’t pay attention. With all the other classes I have I decided to get the project done before the weekend. Knowing how I am if I didn’t at least start or finish the assignment before Saturday I wasn’t going to do it in time. The crazy thing about this is that I got assigned another essay in another class on the same day. Instantly I felt pressured to start the assignment.

        So I stated the essay as usual with the MLA format and typing the header. Here’s where the problems started. I got on FaceTime with one of my friends and tried to type. I found myself talking to her more than writing the paper. After about 45 minutes of talking I looked up to see that I had only typed 1 paragraph. The only way to I was going to finish this essay is to get off the phone and focus. I played some music and started typing fluently. It only took me 30 minutes to finish after focusing. The feeling of completion was so satisfying. The whole thought of the paper just wiping from my mind was the most bliss feeling of all time.



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