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Enc 1011 - Mind over Mass Media: Response

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Essay Preview: Enc 1011 - Mind over Mass Media: Response

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Treyvon Jackson

Professor Irwin

ENC 1011

12 December 2017

Mind over Mass Media: Response

        In an era of advanced technology and telecommunication, social media is one of the most easily accessible uses of communication for people all around the world. It is incredible, as it allows various, endless, possibilities and opportunities to just about anyone. Celebrities, presidents, and big-time corporations are no exception. Although social media in this light has its rewards, it also has brought negative aspects to attention. Social media dismisses the idea of face to face communication and provides false expectations of reality. It has brought countless issues, that outweigh the pros of its existence. When realizing how detrimental social media has become, it should make people question whether to use it, or not.

        Face to face interaction is a key aspect in creating and forming genuine relationships with the people around them. Platforms that exist because of social media have completely obliterated the idea of building an actual healthy relationship. There are many ways face to face communication have influenced the lives of many people, but dating and relationships are the most common. Dating sites especially is where this is seen. I do not agree with every exact concept that comes along with the use of these sites, but at the end of the day Americans wind up meeting the person and that is, for the most part, good. As these sites have aged throughout the technological age, we begin to see how social media applications such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook have turned into the new age dating website. These applications are the most common uses of social media as of now. People from all over are finding partners from across the globe. However, the issue is that because of distance, and what is hidden behind a computer screen, most of these people don’t end up meeting their partners for days, months, and even years. A reality of social media is that people don’t genuinely show their complete and true colors on these platforms. They want to show the best versions of themselves, at all times. In genuine relationships, it is important to see the good and the bad of people’s personality and intentions. No one is perfect, and in face to face communication you are able to see people for who they truly are, Face to face interaction gives you much needed visuals of shy smiles and physical touch. As social media grows it has become a norm for these internets based relationships to grow into a reality, but they are not healthy.  

        False reality is the most important negative aspect of social media. It has provided countless issues in the development of self- esteem and expectations. Social media has made sort of a bubble around actual reality, the false reality is the inside of the bubble. If everyone took a step outside the bubble, they would see social media for what it truly is and be happier with themselves and the quality of their life. Unfortunately, this doesn’t frequently happen and people fall victim to false realties of social media. Extreme expectations are already set of what they should look like, wear, talk like, and overall be like. Celebrities are the biggest example of who people compare themselves too. Fancy cars, perfect bodies, and lots and lots of money is what is beginning to be expected goal in life. There has been a complete shift in what life is really actually about. Since, this goal has been plastered into the minds of many, people are surrounded by the consequences of trying to obtain something that isn’t possible. Being able to embrace your body, your position, and your flaws is what should be encouraged and taught. Happiness and the pursuit of love is what should be goal. This greedy and envious atmosphere is toxic and needs more attention brought to the situation. The youth in this generation will suffer from this the most if we don’t stop this cycle. Adults and young adults have had the privilege of seeing a world without social media. Being able to live in a world where people were themselves and just have fun, without tweeting about it or taking pictures of it; is the best environment to be raised in. Being raised in a setting of false reality, brings a different mindset of a child who is trying to find themselves. Growing up in this environment, children will grow up thinking in order to be successful in life they need materialistic things to succeed, which is far from true. Watching a generation fall into the trap, that it is social media, is far worse than actually being a part of it. This must be stopped before it infiltrates the minds of a complete generation and the next generation, and eventually becomes law.



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