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Employe Morale Research Study

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Running head: Research&Statistics

Employee Morale Research Study

Christopher McCreary

University of Phoenix RES/341



Employee morale in the workplace is one of the most important factors when dealing with improving chances of success within any business. When defeating poor employee morale the, opportunities for team motivation increases substantially. When a business fails to prevent or repair indigent employee morale, there assumes the risk of worker burnout and discontent at the workplace. The issue can lead to poor productivity, increased absences and could become very expensive with operational costs.

The poor morale may not be necessarily the cause of problems such as poor productivity or increased absences, but instead a reaction to another part of the workplace that is not functioning proficiently. If the problem is to be resolved, the reasons for the negligent employee morale must be identified.

Possible causes include:

Ð'* Management is not fair towards all employees

Ð'* Not everyone has an equal opportunity

Ð'* Uneven pay scales

Ð'* Poor benefits

Ð'* Poor bonuses

Ð'* Inadequate pay increases

Ð'* Poor Managerial leadership

Ð'* Inadequate training

Ð'* Limited career advancement opportunities

Ð'* No or little educational financial assistance

Ð'* No outside sponsorship of extra curricular activities

This research paper will examine the thoughts and ideals of 15 randomly selected individuals to participate and provide feedback of the 11 inquiries previously listed. The statistical analysis will provide valuable research towards improving employee morale.

Once the causes have been identified improving should take place as soon as possible. By finding this information directly from the persons experiencing the poor morale, the research will ensure the problem is being addressed. The survey also shows the employee that the management is very serious about the issues which affect their nature.

Research and Evaluation

Survey Questions

Employee Morale at the workplace

1 = Poor

2 = Not Bad

3 = Fair

4 = Good

5 = Very Good

Survey Questions

1 The management fair and impartial towards all employees

2 The company provides equal opportunities for all employees

3 The pay scale should be the same for all same level employees

4 The benefits are adequate

5 The bonuses are adequate

6 The annual pay increases are adequate

7 The management



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