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Elc3222 Proposal for Coolpack

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Personal information

Name: Ho Kai Cheung, Jack

Student ID: 14090978D

Course: ELC3222 (Thursday, 1330-1620)

Task: Assessment 1

Tutor: Jessica Xia





Submitted to

Managing Director of E&C Holdings Limited (E&C)

Submitted by

Ho Kai Cheung, Jack, the Project Manager of E&C

Reference No: 123456

Proposing starting date: To be agreed

Proposed duration of the project: Three months

Submission Date: 30 September 2016

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Executive Summary                                                                                                1

  1. Introduction                                                                                                                1
  2. Client Requirements                                                                                          1/2
  3. Proposed Solution                                                                                                        2
  4. Personnel/Management                                                                                          2/3
  5. Schedule                                                                                                                        3
  6. Budget/Cost                                                                                                                3


Executive Summary

The purpose of writing this proposal is to justify how CoolPack, which would be able to satisfy the majority of hiker’s urgent wants - Hiking without feeling hot, can provide a comfortable and carefree hiking journey for hikers.

This bag will be manufactured by using aluminum (Al) and Expandable Polyethylene (EPE) to keep water cold. The main benefits of carrying CoolPack during hiking may be summarized as follows:

  • Keeping the temperature of water stored inside hydration pack below 15 degrees Celsius
  • Having large capacity for storing water
  • Being cost-effective and quality-assured
  1. Introduction

CoolPack provides hikers a comfortable and cool journey when they go hiking during summer. The idea of CoolPack originates from the ubiquitous problem that climbers face while they are hiking, that is they feel so unwell while exercising (hiking) under high temperature. Bee (2013) implied that the reason why people felt unenthusiastic when exercising was because our brain was programmed to respond negatively when we kept sweating, according to the notion raised by scientists.

To prevent hill walkers from feeling ailing during hiking, we will cater their needs by manufacturing CoolPack in the finest quality, with upholding our core value—environmental protection, without enlarging ozone hole by generating a considerable amount of CFCs after using refrigerant.

It is expected that E&C will be the leader in the market of fabricating superior hiking gears. Our product will increase user’s confidence in keeping water cold for a long period, with a magnificent difference in camel bags in the captioned market.

  1. Client Requirement

Target Customers

Hikers in Hong Kong are the targeted customers in the market for CoolPack. About the market segmentation part, the majority of hikers tend to purchase the bag made in Hong Kong owing to the perception that locally-made products have higher quality (Cameron and Elliott, 1994). Besides that, since Hong Kong government has achieved the goal of promoting sport culture in the community by allocating 3.7 billion dollars for the development on sports and sports facilities, there will be more citizens willing to do sports, such as hiking, frequently (Lam, 2016). The demand for the related hiking accessories, such as CoolPack, will increase due to the effect of derive demand.

Problems—Normal ice bag

The function that we propose to offer, which is keeping water in a low temperature, is currently not available in the market. In spite of the existence of ice bags, which are supposed as the alternative of CoolPack, having the function of thermal transfer, the capacity of general ice bags is not sufficient for hikers since at least 2 liters of water are required for walking hiking trails.

Problems—Side effects

Using plastics, such as Bisphenol A, to manufacture water bags is common. However, some of them are not bio-degradable which will cause certain consequences. For instance, constant exposure to light and water leads non bio-degradable plastics to emit pollutants, such as Sulphur dioxide (Uwera, 2013). Human health can be the victim of those plastics as well. According to the study released by the Environmental Working Group (2007), Bisphenol A increases the risk of permanent alternations and cancer

It is consequently our mission to give hikers a magnificent product to enjoy a cool and comfortable hiking trip.

  1. Proposed Solution

A thin layer of Al and EPE are main components of CoolPack. The reason why Al is chosen is due to its physical properties, such as acting as a heat insulator and being ductile. It implies that temperature of iced water inside will not increase after attaching the thin layer of Al to nylon bag’s surface. This way, hikers can enjoy cold drinks during hot weather as long as the drinks are cold enough before putting into the bag.



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