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Egyptian Rulers

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Shaina Halperin

Egyptian kings were idolized and revered by the early Egyptian civilization. Egyptians believed that their kings were the gods on earth. When a king died large pyramids were built in honor of him. The kings were so important that they deciphered all the laws of the people.

Now known as pharaohs, ancient Egyptian kings were considered the gods of the earth. People looked up to them because of their intelligence and wealthy stand point. Egyptians idolized the kings for all of this and relied on them greatly.

When a king died his body was mummified and put into a large pyramid. The pyramids were built by the people of Egypt. The kings were buried with all of their possessions in a concealed tomb of the pyramid. The Egyptians alleged that this secured the king's trip to his after life in the midst of the gods. Only kings had pyramids built in there tribute because they were so significant to the people.

The king's of Egypt were so well trusted and revered that they produced the law codes such as the one Hammurabis did. The kings controlled everything from cultivation to religion because of their high influence.

Thousands of years later the great pyramids still stand as a testament to the greatness and importance of the Pharaohs. Even today scientists are still trying to figure out the mysteries of these kings and the significance to their civilization.



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