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Effects of Classical Management Theories on the Current Management Practice in Nigeria

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Essay Preview: Effects of Classical Management Theories on the Current Management Practice in Nigeria

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BUS 5113 Organizational Theory and Behavior

Class Introductions

Hello Everyone! My name is Jalal Abdulatef and I’m from Yemen. I am married and I have two kids and I like to play football and traveling.

I am a 35-year-old and I have a bachelor's degree in computer science, I started my career as a Software engineer at one of the best local company, now I'm working in the humanitarian field at UNICEF Yemen as an information management officer.

I have decided to study an MBA to gain the skills and abilities that I need to lead a successful and productive life and to become well-educated

I believe that studying Organizational Theory and Behavior will help me to have a better understanding about leadership, decision making, and team building.

I strongly believe that stydying MBA will  force me to get out of my comfort zone, deal with the latest issues in international business, apply the new management techniques, and constantly challenge myself. I expect it helps me to be more professional, get a higher salary after graduation, land a top management position.

Hi Taher, Nice to e-meet you man!

We are from the same country and we have the same concerns.  I hope that our situation will improve in order to avoid destroying the next generation.

It is my pleasure to meet you Victoria

Looking forward to working collaboratively with you.  

very excited to be part of it.

I decided to apply for the MBA because I felt I needed to go a step further and I appreciate a lot this opportunity. I think this Course can help me to be a better manager and human being.

I appreciate your post key points and issues about the Hawthorne effect

Looking forward to interacting with you in class!

I enjoyed reading your post, and I too have noticed better output from my staff

I am excited to learn from you in this class.  I enjoyed reading your profile.  How would you like to be addressed by the way?

In our readings, it suggests that individuals tend to change their behavior if they believe they are being observed-this is called the Hawthorne Effect. As Organizational Leaders what does this phenomenon tell you about observed behaviors and those you may not see? How does this impact the broader context of an organization, particularly when trying to gather authentic data on organizational behavior?

I think the Hawthorne effect tend to hide the true behaviors of employees. This means employee will pretend to show their bosses the very.

 The Hawthorne studies established to identify the influence of the social, physical, and psychological environment on the workers, this study linked the individual to the society and emphasized that staff performance was affected by the surrounded environment and the people working with them.

So, I think Hawthorne's effect tends to hide the true behaviors of employees, the employee will pretend to show the best performance and adherence to the rules because he is aware that he is under the observation and monitoring.

As mentioned in a recent study by Ranganathan " Many academic studies have found that monitoring enhances performance either in itself or as part of a system of complementary management practices (see, for example, Aral et al. 2012, Brynjolfsson and Hitt 2000, Basker 2012, Bloom and Van Reenen 2006, Bloom et al.2013). However, other studies caution that monitoring can be harmful to workers’ productivity. For example, monitoring workers might interfere with their privacy and deter them from productive forms of experimentation and rule-breaking (Bernstein

2012). The act of monitoring workers may also demotivate workers by impinging on their sense of autonomy (Deci and Ryan 1975), or lead them to focus on the performance measure at the expense of other productive activities (Kerr 1975, H ̈olmstrom and Milgrom 1991)" (Aruna Ranganathan,2016, Page 2).

Hawthorne team conducted may experiments which providing unexpected results and increased productivity, the researchers also observed that the implementation of monitoring technology improves the level of service provided.


Ranganathan, A., & Benson, A. (2016). Hemming and hawing over Hawthorne: Work complexity and the divergent effects of monitoring on productivity. Working paper, Stanford Graduate School of Business, Stanford, CA. Retrieved from 

Essays, UK. (November 2013). Organizational behavior hawthorne studies. Retrieved from

Organizational theory has four theoretical concepts which help understand the way things operate within. Behavior of the employees as well as management within the organization means a lot as it defines what is expected.It also lays down what to be down and punishments to those not observing the expected behavior. Work stlye -the way of working and production such as hours. Environment dictates the workstyle as it may motivate or demotivate.Atmosphere,the working attitudes that pevails within an organization.Favorable attitudes produces favorable atmosphere for work thus effective management and increased production.Communication,how is it down upward or downward and using what channels. Technology has enabled for various channels such as phone calls,emails among others.

Communication is the most important concepts as it plays a vital role in the organization.It creates a sense of belonging and loyalty towards the organization as employees feel engaged to organization activities as well as activities.

These concepts has enabled for great contribution towards development of current organizational theories.

Division of labor-how work is distributed and the working hours

Beaucratic-the way of management or running the organization.

Rational system-the tool on how objectives set are to be achieved.It uses formal structure to define the role of each member of the organizational.

Contigency theory-flexibility of the way management is so as to favor the availing circumstances.

BUS 5113 Organizational Theory and Behavior - Term 4, 2017-2018

Written Assignment Unit 1

The organizational theory has four theoretical concepts which help understand the way things operate within

Taylor's scientific management approach:

The scientific management approach developed by Taylor is based on the concept of planning of work to achieve efficiency, standardization, specialization and simplification. Acknowledging that the approach to increased productivity was through mutual trust between management and workers.



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