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Effects Of Client Violence On Social Work Students

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Essay Preview: Effects Of Client Violence On Social Work Students

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Human Services Research Article Discussion

Corrine Oliver

BSHS 382 Research and Statistics

Effects of Client Violence on Social Work Students

October 2, 2011

Jason Cantone


This study provided a comprehensive look at the effects of client violence toward

students in the field of social work. The statistical analysis supports information

regarding the violence. Client violence variables were analyzed in relationship to

fear of future violence.

Presentation of the Material

The study was well presented, because of the information that was collected and

used in this study. It is difficult to compare rates of client violence in social work

student studies because there is little consistency in the way questions about

violence were posed. However, there student studies listed client violence rates

between 26% and 54% (Ellwood & Ray, 1996; Mama, 2001; Tully et al.,1993 ).

The range of the study and the responses received were minimal. The ideas

expressed are done so according to APA guidelines for expressing ideas and

reducing language barriers.

Statistical Analysis

The research attempted to analyze a person's reaction to violence on the job and if

it would influence a person's decision to continue in this field or not. The study of

client violence was studied using the tenets of work stress theory. This theory

comes from a psychological stress framework where psychological stress is a

particular relationship between the person and environment that is appraised as

taxing or exceeding his or her resources and endangering his or her well-being.

(Lazarus & Folkman, 1984, p. 19). When questioned many of the students could

only say they had heard of someone being assaulted. Cases of verbal abuse ranged

from 22% (Tully, et. Al., 1993) and 49% (Mama, 2001). Actual physical assault

rates were reported between 2.1%



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