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Dystopian Narritive

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Not so far in the distant future the world is run down on natural resources so only the smartest people can live on this planet. With this said every year grades 1-12th they have to take a test called the Ration you fail this test no one really knows what happens to you. Some think you blasted into space some think they just kill you on the spot but Lia thought it was something more. 2050 January,7 It was the day before the ration everyone was home studying hard scared afraid… All this because the world couldn't share

The next day… Lea was on her way to school when Geo stopped by to say hi “Hey Lea ready for the test today” “Not really I couldn't get much sleep you” “Ohhh I'm so ready you don't even know” “But it is the 2nd to last test so next year if we pass then were done” “Yep pretty much… whelp i'll see you later I have to get to class” “Oh ok bye” “bye” Lea and Geo had successfully passed the test but they noticed something different this year. Some of the scores that failed their score glowed green and it said pass and some of the passing grades glowed green but they thought it was just an error. Next year… Geo called up lea “Hey so um last test” “Yep you excited” “Yea but the whole last year i've been thinking about those test scores” “Yea me to it's like what if it wasn't a mistake” “Oh well i have to get back to studying” “oh ok bye then” “bye”

The next day at school it was Geo’s little brothers first time taking the test. He walked his little brother to the kindergarten gate. He hugged him and said “No matter what happens we will be together someday.” He sent his little brother through the doors and he left to his school. Once at school he met up with lea and went to class just before the lockdown. Their professor went through the same speech they give every year. “This test will test your



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