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Diversity and Inclusion (d&i)

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In my opinion, diversity means distinction. The differences among each individual (age, gender, network, background, growing-up environment, education, personality, viewpoint / approach/ opinion/ solving problems, etc…); the differences among departments (the nature of work, how to solve problems, development’s direction depends on the genre of leaders); the differences among regions (culture, working style, mindset,etc….). In order to have diversity and inclusion at the same time, one (individual/ department/ company/ region) shall respect and accept the differences.

To an organization, especially an international corporation, integrating in diversity is an important and essential element to develop and compete in the globalization trend and today's flat world.

As a member of Power Infrastructure Department, performing SC's power plants projects in Vietnam, my opinions will bring the sense of an individual operating in the electricity business in Vietnam, which have some specific characteristics: currently under the exclusive distribution of power of state-owned enterprises; having been having a lot to do with government authorities; and large-scale implementation projects, I would like to share 3 comments as follows:

1. SC is a multinational corporation having projects implemented in different countries. In order to survive and grow, I think, the company needs to understand the markets where its business/projects take place (law, business environment, working style, approaches, and the like). Consider this slogan of a bank: think globally, act locally. This means developing a global mindset while customizing working style to suit each specific locality will help ensure high work performance.

2. To make it easier to accept differences as the cause of diversity, the communication channels/platforms need to be enhanced as well as the information exchange/provision to be increased; for better mutual understanding (for example,



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