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Different Types Of Race Car Drivers In Formula One Today

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Essay Preview: Different Types Of Race Car Drivers In Formula One Today

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Formula One, also known as Grand Prix racing, is known to be the highest class of auto racing in the world .In the world of formula one there exist a vast array of drivers and their different driving techniques, some drivers tend to have conservative, aggressive, and neutral racing styles. There is not a certain style or technique that is superior to all others; it all depends on the person.

For the past two years there has been a driver that has dominated the formula one scene, his name is Fernando Alonso. His racing style is more conservative, Fernando's technique consists of sharp turning and it depends greatly on the front wheels, this style tends to play it safe by creating under steer which greatly decreases the chances of over steer. Fernando Alonso's driving style is more of a "new school" technique due to the technology and assistance that is provided by formula one cars today, there is traction control, launch control, improvements in aerodynamics which provide more traction and through the tires and their different compounds which have also seen many improvements through out the many years that formula one has been around.

In formula one there exists an older group of veterans from the olden days when formula one had far less technological advances. These drivers had to learn to control their cars through their own physical and mental abilities; there was no traction or launch control that would prevent their cars from skidding across the track and losing control. Due to the absence of these improvements, there are drivers such as Michael Schumacher who have developed more of an aggressive racing style, his style depends greatly on his rear wheels, his initial turn in is done with his front wheels but once he is near the apex he turns the car with the rear wheels by causing some over steer which is something that is greatly feared by formula one drivers today, because of this he is considered "old school". His technique can be a devastating technique if done wrong but if done properly it can work wonders.

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