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Different Types Of Cars

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Have you ever heard of a car buff before? Do you have an interest in a type of car of your own liking? Some people, like Jay Leno for example, collect a lot of cars as their own personal hobbies. Sometimes, car owners have redesigned the cars to show personality and style. Expensive cars have a lot of potential of showing power and strength just by looking at them. Here are three general categories of cars: luxury cars, fast cars, and family cars.

Luxury cars first appeared on the market around the 1930's. The rich and famous usually like to buy these types of cars and then try to change the cars in order to fit their personal requests. The most expensive car in the world was the Duesenberg. It sells for almost 1.2 million dollars. Only a few people still own the Duesenberg, since that it is a very rare car to find. Although cars like the BMW or a Jaguar are also very expensive, they are more prevalent since their prices are much less compared to the Duesenberg. These cars can start around $30,000.

You can usually find fast cars on a racetrack, but sometimes they can be on a street doing about 120 miles per hour at night. Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, and Subaru are only a few companies that make these types of racecars for people's interests and entertainment. There is a television show called, "Street Fury", in which the host shows the audience the different types of cars that could have so much power under their hoods that it can blow them away. Unfortunately, since a lot of people can buy these fast cars anywhere, they can become wreckless and careless drivers. They can get their hands on these cars and use them to race other people on normal streets, where the public can be affected and possibly harmed.

Family-type cars can mean only one thing, minivans! Many families have bought these cars, and they are convenient for families since they are big enough to fit a family of up



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