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Different Cultures in the United States

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Essay Preview: Different Cultures in the United States

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Carina Lopez

MOD C the Role of the PCT

Brookline College

 November 10, 2016

Latoya Williams

The United States is a country with all types of culture. There are so many different cultures in the United States, and being in the health care flied we deal with many different cultures. It is important to understand and respect the beliefs and values of other cultures. It is very important when a patient comes into the hospital, from a different culture, it’s important for the nursing assistant to know how to communicate, verbally and nonverbally to the patient in order to care for his or her needs as quickly as possible. There are times that the culture belief of the patient may conflict with the belief of the health care team’s belief. Therefore, the health care provider must have some knowledge of various cultures living within their work area and willingness to temporarily adapt to accommodate to the patients.  Now what is culture you might ask yourself? Culture is defined as a complex, integrated system that includes knowledge, beliefs, skills, art, morals, law, customs, and any other acquired habits and capabilities of a group of people. It’s true that culture is normally stable but it can also be changed or reformed throughout the years. Culture even includes the beliefs of medical for a group of people. These beliefs include ideas about blood transfusion, medication, organ transplant in order to save a person’s life. Being in the health care industry it is our responsibly to relate to the patient in way he or she can understand. American culture is very different from the Chinese culture.



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