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Descriptive Analysis of Big Data

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Essay Preview: Descriptive Analysis of Big Data

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Lo Man Tai



1. Introduction

        Half of the first semester has passed and I have been a student of BBA for a while. I discover that being a student at university is really different from studying at secondary school as being a BBA student. At the beginning, I thought there is only one aim in business which is make as much profit as we can. After having the freshman semester lesson I totally change my mind. I discover that we also need to be good at communicate with others maybe need to know more than one language , having a global outlook and understand cultural diversity , be creative thinking in different situation , identify and respond appropriately to ethical issues and adopt an entrepreneurial perspective. Those five generic learning outcomes are really important for a BBA student.


2. Communication

        I am an out-going person, and making new friends is always not a big problem for me. So that I am confident that I have no problem to communicate with others.

        But English is a big problem for me. English is one of my worst subject and I always make many grammatical mistakes and my friends always use that to make fun with me. But I believe that I can boost up my English skills at the future. According to the LASSI report, I scored 80 in the part of information processing which means that I am quite good at learning and remembering new information and knowledge. And we’ve also got the ELC lesson, during the ELC lesson I can learn more knowledge of English grammar. Also, because there are many student of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (hereafter the PolyU) are form different country so I need to use English to communicate with them. I think that can be a really good chance for me to improve my English skills by talking with them because I think communicate is the best way to improve one language.

        In addition to other languages like French and Putonghua are very important too.
Nowadays China and Euro are also two big economy over the world. I think Chinese and European will be the most client that I would meet. And after getting into the university I got many spare time so I think I can grab this chance to learn a new language like French or improve the language that I know already like Putonghua and English.

3. Global Outlook

        Globalization is one of the most popular topic nowadays, different countries,  enterprise and market are going to become integrated and I think that having a global outlook is a key to success. So that I believe that understanding different language and culture is important for our career.

        I remember at the one of the freshmen seminar tutorial class talks about a woman traveled around to different country to negotiate the business but she failed many time just because she didn't respect the local people's culture. That inspired me understanding others culture is really important. Some people may understanding we don't comprehend their culture but I believe showing respect for their own culture may help us get the business more easily.

        At the test of CQS we have done during the lesson, all of my score in different are higher than the mean mark, I believe I can do well in the part of global outlook. But I am still got misunderstanding for some foreign culture. For example, the marriage system and the diet culture so I think I can work on these part by reading different parts and talking with different nation people in PolyU. For example, I've talk to some non-local student like Korean student and some European student, I discovered that the teaching culture of these two countries are totally different. The Korean's family always force their children to study hope them can get into a better university so they can win the competition. And the European's family are totally different, they respect their children's thought let them develop theirself with freedom.

4. Creativity

        I believe creative is one of the easiest way to break out in the market. Many successful case told me that if we can create some unique idea we don't have to compete with others but still can achieve the success.

         At the University there are so many chance for me to show off my creativity. For example, I was a sub-committee of the MMS o'nite. During the preparation of the o'nite, we need to think about the main theme and different activity of the o'nite but there many restrict such as the traditional planning and the cost. So we need to be creative to make some right decision. Also, I am the mc of the o'nite, I need to think about the script and keep the event's atmosphere make sure everyone are enjoy and excited during the o'nite. At last, the event was organized very fluky.

        After being a sub-committee of the o'nite I have learnt that we can not sitting in the classroom and ask ourselve to become creative. If we want to be creative I think we should step of the classroom and observe different things carefully. Many little part of people's action can inspire us having a good idea. We can observe they have done absorb the experience and make use of our own experience to create some new ideas. Also, there maybe many existed problems, traditional situation that we need to follow which will restrict our thinking. At those moment, I think what we need to do is be brave put forward our ideas and try to mix our own idea with the tradition. I believe the tradition idea still got some advantage and if we can take out those advantage into our idea which is more easy to make our idea easy to success.



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