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Decoding the Recent Phenomena – Data Science

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Essay Preview: Decoding the Recent Phenomena – Data Science

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Decoding the recent phenomena – Data science

Imagine this: you have all the data in this world. Each and everything about everyone ranging from what they ate on Monday night to where did they go for partying on the weekend to whom did they call while they were commuting from one place to another. You can hit them on their sweet spot and they won’t even know what hit them. But the questions is, how do you find that sweet spot for the millions of people of whom you had the data? You can’t sit down with each of their files and try to find what do they like and then categorise them accordingly. This is where data science comes into play. Data science, as the name suggests, is the science of data. It tells about how to decode the volume of data to extract meaningful information from it so that it can be used to one’s gain by analyzing different patterns and other things. Data science primarily consists of three things, the three building blocks on which the whole system is based upon. These three systems are: -

  1. The volume of data: - It is important to have data in order to analyse and scrutinize it. this data is collected from various sites, social media platforms and other places on the internet where people are expected to spend some time like e-commerce spaces and all. This data is consists of browsing activity of millions of people who have surfed that particular page over a period of time and all the data serves as the parameters for further processing.
  2. Algorithm: - probably the most important aspect of data science. This part deals with the ways and ideas on which the data will be analysed. The algorithm is the blueprint of the whole process so that coding in a suitable language can be done accordingly to extract information from the collected volume of data. Information like how much time a person is spending on each website and which links are visited the most often are some of the information that can be extracted from the data for millions of users so that the parent site can get an insight about which product of theirs is getting the attention they anticipated and which product needs to be made more appealing in order to attract more crowd.
  3. Technology: - the tools with the help of which the data is analysed. One requires very high-performance hardware and equally matching software to compute all this data in a short span of time to get accurate results in an efficient manner. These are very high-end machines and require people with a definitive skill set to operate.

So, this was all about data science. It is one of the fastest growing fields as all the work that is being done these days is targeted for a very specific set of audience and this set of the audience can be recognized with the help of data science. Companies are looking for data scientists who have a very high analytical ability to understand the pattern and are good with coding so that they can figure out the algorithm required for analyzing the data.

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