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Decision Making

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1. List and describe 4-6 common problems that occur when managers complete performance review.

A. No proper procedure during a performance review: When the employee was asked to conduct a performance review by the manager, the manager did not instructed the proper need to follow through during the performance review.

B. Miss communication: The manager and the employee miss the perception of communication to each other.

C. Failed to follow requirement guidelines: Managers did not follow through the proper guidelines and requirements procedure during the performance review.

D. No formal performance training guidelines and insufficient time: Managers and employees lack performance training. The time frame is either too short or too long during a performance review.

E. No standards were set to evaluate employee performance: The Company did not have quotas and set goals for employees to meet.

2. Suggestion for supervisors on how to eliminate or reduce these problems.

A. Incorporate suggestions from all managers to improve and eliminate poor performance reviews. Conduct reviews from all departments and other companies to help improve performance reviews.

B. Pass out forms to all supervisors and managers for second reviews. Make necessary changes for improvements. Take the appropriate step and action so that in the future we will not encounter this matter again.

C. In order for our company to have a better rating on performance reviews, it is mandatory that all managers and employees take the appropriate training class. To meet the requirement and guidelines of our company rules, everyone needs to take the appropriate steps in completing the training class, which will be next month and the following month.

D. Strongly suggest that all managers and supervisors need to attend the training class first due to recent problems that arose within the managers' department.

E. Incorporate a standard performance checklist for all departments.

F. If any one have question or concern please feel free to contact Human Resource Office.

People, People, who need

Performance Review Management Plan

Performance Review Management Plan worksheet

Name: _________________ Job Title: ______________Date Complete: _____

Performance Review time start: _______ Time end: _______

Essential Function/

Annual Goals Tasks/Strategic initiatives

Standards Development



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