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Decision Making Model

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Decision-Making Model Analysis Paper

According to the Career Center (2006) at University of Berkeley, to make sound decisions it is important to gather as much information about the decision as possible to evaluate ones options. The article farther goes on to state that confidence in decision-making abilities come from having made successful decisions in the past. Personal factors such as support and influence from family and friends can have a big effect on ones decisions, especially for significant decisions that may impact the important people in their life. One should consider if their options are compatible with his or her values, interest and abilities. The numbers of desirable options are often a factor. People with many interest and abilities fine decision-making difficult because they believe they will have to sacrifice appealing options. Those with undefined interest fine decisions-making as well because not to the options appear attractive.

There is not one carved in stone decision-making method that one should use. The method one may use to make decisions depend on his or her personal decision-making style and the weight of the decision. Each decision-making style had advantages and disadvantages. What is most important is that one uses a style that is comfortable and effective for your decision.

In researching decision-making models there are several to choose from, below is a list of decision-making models;

* 7-step Decision-Making model

* Take Action - Pros and Cons model

* Analytical Decision-Making - comparing options

* Imaginative - use of visualization of the decision

For this analysis the Seven Step method was used. The model was developed by Robert Ricks, Director of University of North Florida Career Services.

The Seven Step Decision-Making Model

Step One: Identify the decision to be made.

* Should I seek another job? Yes, we want to make more money.

* What kind of job do I want? An entry-level technology job.

Step Two: Know Yourself (Self-Assessment)

* Skills

What can I do best? Build Web Sites

What are my strengths and weaknesses? Programming

What skills do I need to acquire? Web Master Certification.

* Interests

What kind of job setting would I enjoy? Office or Freelance Designer

What am I interested in doing? Building small scale Web designs for now but would like to master the game and move on to bigger projects.

* Values

What satisfaction do I seek in a career? Increasing revenue.

In what ways must I be challenged and rewarded on the job? The challenge is to work under pressure and the reward is the finished project.

* Personality




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