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Decision Making In Business

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According to behavioralist and creator of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Isabel Briggs Myers (1962), a person's decision making process depends to a significant degree on their cognitive style. One tool for decision making in business is the SWOT analysis model, an evaluation of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats with respect to the desired end state (Wikipedia, 2007). Decision making at TWLB involved the usage of both the MBTI and the SWOT analysis.

TWLB has become a leader in helping companies strengthen their business performance with award winning accounting and business management systems. The company offers needs analysis, software sales, custom report writing and full system implementation services to clients throughout the Northeast. Yet, this came at a price of dedication and determination to succeed among everyone in the organization.

TWLB retained the services of licensed counselor to administer the MBTI exam to every employee. The results were revealed and a full assessment was done by the counselor with each employee at an off-site location. Once everyone had an opportunity to review his or her results individually, the counselor called a company wide meeting in which everyone was categorized by type. During this meeting, employees discussed the personality types he or she worked well with and subsequently the types he or she were less likely to work well with.

Eventually, the SWOT analysis tool was added to assist in reaching decisions. Initially, employees were paired in small groups with like minded personalities in which they would work through the issues put before them and reach a decision smoothly. As time progressed, employees were paired with those of conflicting personality types challenging them to think at different levels in order to reach a decision.

The method used during each meeting was the same. Small groups would use large post-it notes, one each for strengths, weaknesses,



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