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Death Of Marriage,Why?

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Death of marriage, why?

Cohabitation is a replacing marriage as the first experience of coexistence for young men and women. David P.Barbara D. Whitehead (1999)

This essay discusses a social phenomenon of cohabitation. It is usually called “to live in sin” or “cohabit”. Nowadays the term “cohabitation” has been replaced by the most neutral terms such as "coexist" or "live together". This phenomenon is described as two non-related individuals, of opposite sexes, who share a place of living and have a sexually intimate relationship without legal or religious approval. Jackson (1983)

Cohabitation has gained a large popularity over the years. Let’s consider a growth of the valuations of cohabitation in the last decades. Between 1960 and 1970, about half a million people were cohabiting. By 1980 the number reached 1.5 million. In 1990, the number was almost 3 million. By the year 2000, the number had reached the scale of almost 5 million individuals. Century. Bureau of the Census. (2000)

A few researchers have calculated that nowadays up to 50 % of Americans live together with someone before they get married. Larry L (1991). The stereotype of two young people without children who live together is not completely correct; at present, about 40% of the partners that cohabit have children. George Barna (1993).

The United States seems to be changing its attitude towards cohabitation. George Barna (1993) argues that 60 % of the Americans believe that the best way of establishing a successful marriage is living together before marrying. Another poll has found that two thirds (66 %) of men in their fourth year of college agreed with the following affirmation: “In general, partners’ coexistence before marriage has a positive effect on the health of the relationship”. Maggie Gallagher (2000)

By no line of reasoning cohabitation is the same as marriage. It is not recognized as marriage by the state. Furthermore, participants who live together almost never have intentions to get married, at least for the first few months or even years.

Although anyone of them would say that a partner who he or she lives together with “is married in God's eyes” вЂ" this statement will never be true. They are not married simply because in God's eyes this type of living is inappropriate according to the Biblical prescripts associated with marriage.

Undoubtedly, cohabitation is changing the cultural scenery of our society. The proportion of the first marriages preceded by cohabitation has increased tenfold in the last few decades.

This public presentation of marriage - religious and civil ceremonies, holiday with relatives and friends, sharing the event with people close to us - derives from its enormous relevancy to the



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