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Dangers of Social Networking Site

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Essay Preview: Dangers of Social Networking Site

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Dangers of Social Networking

Social Networking sites were introduced in early 90’s and created a revolution in social connectivity. It is a mainstream type of communication around the globe including friends and families. However during its arrangement and improvement over the years, dangers and threats were also established.

Social Networking offers extraordinary advantages, however there are dangers, primarily targeting teenagers and young children. As an issue of concern, this article will explain to you the dangers of cyberbullying, how to avoid and deal if it happens, the internet threat, grooming and a general advice for you to keep their children safe anywhere, anytime.

According to the advertiser  ‘’teens ignore online risk’’ outlines that 2 in 5 South Australian teenagers have befriended strangers on Facebook, twitter, and more while 20 per cent have come face-to-face with a stranger they met online.  This statistics show that children are in perilous contact with criminals.

Social networking sites such as Facebook is unsafe due to its high degree of accessibility of information and it will eventually emerge to as we all know the cyberbully in cyberspace.

Cyberbully generally means harassing, threatening, intimidating people with instant messaging and social networking sites.  Therefore to avoid this type of harassment known as cyberbullying,

You should ensure that children will,

  • Never post personal information
  • Not give personal information such as email and passwords
  • Not retaliate
  • Save the evidence
  • See Internet Service provider (ISP) to track down (If gotten worst)

Another factor that roams around the internet is ‘’Spyware’’—a category of computer programs that attaches itself to specific system designed to track down internet activities. Spyware is a dangerous software that spies and eventually destroys personal details. Therefore, managing this is significant, and erasing its internal program is a fundamental thing to do to keep you and your children safe.

Another factor that can harass you in the internet is grooming, a definition for someone to organize a particular purpose or activity to steal personal information, forcing children to do something unnecessary. Grooming is very serious act happening nowadays. Therefore to avoid this type of harassment is to tell caregivers or parents, if worsen, ask somebody who can act quickly such as the police, certain groups, or specific associations that are against this harassment. Saving evidence is crucial to track down criminals.



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