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Dances With Wolves

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Dances With Wolves

Dances With Wolves is a movie that takes place in the Great Plains, during the American Civil War. A Union Lieutenant, John Dunbar, is given a choice of a post following the war. He had always dreamed of seeing the Great Plains before they started to get overrun by white settlers. So he chose to go out west, to see them. He shows up in front of an abandoned fort where he decided to make his residency. He began to rebuild the fort and prepare for the arrival of other troops to help him defend his fort against "the hostiles".

The lands native people were the Sioux. The White men that came on their land considered them dangerous and hostile people. The troops were determined to show these savages that this was no longer going to be their land.

The white settlers wanted to claim the land for themselves.

Dunbar soon found out that something really bad had taken place back at his fort. He found evidence that the people were hiding in underground caves and there was evidence of violence.

Dunbar kept a diary or all his experiences. A wolf begins to visit him on a regular basis. Dunbar did not feel that the wolf was dangerous so he attempts to become his friend. The Sioux soon found out of his presence and they became skeptical of who he was and why he was there. Several of the young Sioux boys decided to try to steal his horse. Because of this incident and a few others

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he felt like he was a sitting duck and if he did not approach these people and make it known that he meant no harm to them that something might happen to him and his belongings. So Dunbar decided to ride out and meet them.

On the way out to the Sioux camp Dunbar encountered a young white woman wearing Sioux clothes. She was sitting by a tree covered in her



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