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Dances With Wolves Ii

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As I said before, I have forgotten the name John Dunbar and am now named Dances with Wolves. Ever since Stands With Fists and I left the Sioux, we headed up towards the mountains to get to the other side. We were happy to be together as a family, but it was not the same without the Sioux. I wanted to be with them, but I did not want danger to go near them as well. I'm the only one who betrayed the white man. I did what I had to do to save my newfound friends.

Just as I expected, the soldiers arrived to the deserted Sioux camp. These men will never give up on hunting me down. Merciless soldiers wanted to harm people before they question them. What makes them think that they have the right to become such heartless animals? Even I don't know the answer. They started off once again to track me down, catch and put me through execution for betrayal.

I heard that the Sioux tribe was living up north, near the border of California. They are harvesting the food and setting up their homes. Bad news arrives when Ten Bears died of a mysterious disease. Kicking Bird was once a holy man, but became the new chief of the tribe. Stands with Fists and I are very proud of him. We wanted to visit them, but the soldiers were a few miles away from us. Then I feared for the worst of the Sioux tribe that they might not run away from the soldiers forever. One day, they might get captured by the Union soldiers, and become tortured. Except my wife told me that they would be all right. They can take care of themselves.

We went through the mountain and down a rocky path towards a small town. We were expecting a few people to give us some directions, but something didn't look right. I have a bad feeling about this town, like it was a trap for us to trigger at the right moment. Women and children ran into their homes. The men just stands there, especially that strange looking man near the jail. He did not wear a badge. All this time, I started to worry about our lives coming to an end.

All of a sudden, a gunshot was fired. Everyone ran away into his or her homes fearing that a certain outcome of death may occur. Out of the horizon, there were these four men dressed in black, who rode on black horses with pistols in the air and the rifles by their sides. All I had was a rifle with two rounds left and an empty revolver. These men were fearsome, cold-hearted men, who wanted to kill people for fun. Trying to sort out a proposition with them is not of use to them. They don't even know the meaning of peace and harmony. It's like they are messengers that were sent to kill by the evil spirits.

My wife and I feared that they would want to kill us.

Then they approached us. Withdrawing their pistols, they tried to aim their shots towards us. Before they shoot us, Wind in his Hair and six others came out of nowhere, and started shooting arrows towards these men. It was a diversion to distract them, while Smiles A Lot leads us to safe grounds. I wondered how did they know where to find us. He told me that the spirits told Kicking Bird to send them to rescue us from danger. I was pretty impressed by Kicking Bird's predictions. He knew when and where to find us when we need some help.

A few weeks have passed until we saw the Sioux camp. I never expected to see them that soon, but then again, I missed them dearly. I met Kicking Bird and he showed me Ten Bear's grave. Ten Bears taught me so many things of the Sioux culture, but now he rests in peace. Kicking Bird told me that the soldiers are heading towards their direction, and they should move out as quickly as they possibly can. Except, I had a different plan for the soldiers.

Two days have passed. I am working on a plan to get rid of the Union army. I'm having a bid of trouble due to the fact that my wife is having a baby, but I was focused on the plan. Smiles A Lot came into the tent, telling me that the Pawinee tribe is coming. I did not expect them to travel that far to get revenge for their loss



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