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Da Vinci Code Plot Summary

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Harvard professor, Robert Langdon is in Paris to give a speech about his research. Lieutenant Collet wakes him in the middle of the night because the Paris police need his help solving the murder of Jacques Sauniиre. The police captain, Bezu Fache, is actually bringing Robert to the scene because he thinks Robert was responsible for the murder. Before he died, Sauniиre left a riddle on the floor next to his body that included Robert's name. At the scene of the crime Robert meets Sophie Neveu, Sauniиre's granddaughter, although the police only know that she works for the department of cryptology. Sophie knows Robert is being wrongly accused and helps him escape, but not before they discover more clues left by her grandfather. Robert and Sophie follow Sauniиre's clues to a Swiss Bank where they uncover a cryptex. Without knowing that Teabing is the mastermind behind the murders that occurred that evening, Robert takes Sophie to his home. Teabing is a religious historian and life-long Grail seeker as well as Robert's friend. Both Silas and the police end up at Teabing's estate, but Rйmy, Teabing's manservant who is in on the scam, helps them escape. Teabing, Sophie, Robert, Rйmy and Silas (as a prisoner) travel to London. On the way, they are able to open the cryptex, finding only another cryptex inside. Teabing purposely misreads the next clue, leading them to the wrong place. At the Temple Church, Rйmy and Silas steal the cryptex and pretend to kidnap Teabing. Teabing is angry with Rйmy because he was not supposed to show his face. Teabing murders Rйmy by taking advantage of his peanut allergy. Teabing sends Silas to the Opus Dei house, where he is later involved in a shootout with the police and dies. During the shootout Silas accidentally kills Aringarosa, who came to help him. Sophie and Robert figure out the real location described in the clue and go to Westminster Abbey where Teabing lures them into a secluded



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