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Cyber Crime Cases in Malaysia

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Essay Preview: Cyber Crime Cases in Malaysia

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Title : Cyber Crimes cases in Malaysia

General purpose : to inform

Specific purpose : to inform my audience about cyber crimes cases in Malaysia.

Central idea : the trend of cyber crimes cases that occurs in Malaysia is increasing.


  1. Cyber crime is defined as any crime involving computers or computer networks. This could include online credit card fraud, identity theft, harassment and bullying, and the distribution of child pornography or other illegal material
  2. Cyber crime is one of the fastest growing areas of crime. Our daily lives, economic growth, and national security depend on a stable, safe and resilient cyberspace. We rely on this vast array of networks to communicate, travel and even run our economy.  
  3. Yet cyber crimes have increased over the last decade, exposing personal information, disrupting critical operations and imposing high costs on economy.
  4. More and more criminals are exploiting the convenience of the anonymity that modern technologies offer in order to commit a diverse range of criminal activities.
  5. Today, I will inform and share with you the analysis of cyber crimes cases in Malaysia


1.0   The trend of cyber crimes cases that occurs in Malaysia shown a fluctuation.

1.1 The bar graph shows the fluctuation of number of cyber crimes cases in Malaysia between January until September in 2017.

1.1.1  August shows the highest number of cyber crimes cases which is more than 900 cases compare to other months.

1.1.2 In April, there are only 578 number of cybcer crimes case.

1.2 The second statistic shows the number of reported incidents based on general incident classification.         

1.2.1  Fraud had the highest number of reported incidents which is 2889           cases.

                1.2.2  Content related incidents had the number of reported incidents which                 is 36 cases.


  1. To conclude, the trend of cyber crimes fluctuate during time to time but it is still increasing over times.
  2. We can take precautions to avoid being victimized by taking care not to rely on any information over the net easily.
  3. Spam mails should be removed. Anti-viruses and software securities should be installed in computers.
  4. Such steps can minimize chances of cyber-crime.



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