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Currency Conversion Final (It310)

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Essay Preview: Currency Conversion Final (It310)

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First Input = 1 Output = “How much Canadian Dollars do you want to convert?” Second Input = 20.50 Output = 20.50 Canadian Dollars is converted to $13.96”

First Input = 2 Output = “How much Mexican Pesos do you want to convert?” Second Input = 205.00 Output = 205.00 Mexican Pesos is converted to $21.56”

First Input = 3 Output = “How much English Pounds do you want to convert?” Second Input = 2050.00 Output = 2050.00 English Pounds is converted to $3368.77”

First Input = 4 Output = “How much Japanese Yen do you want to convert?” Second Input = 369.96 Output = 369.96 Japanese Yen is converted to $3.53”

First Input = 5 Output = “How much French Francs do you want to convert?” Second Input = 100.00 Output = 100.00French Francs is converted to $5.90”

Main Module

Declare Currency_Selection as real

Declare foreign_value and USD_amount as Integer

Declare foreign_name as String

Call Program Description Module

Set Currency_Selection = 0 // Makes While Statement true to

begin loop.

While Currency_Selection <> 6 then

Set Currency_Selection = 0

Call Menu Control Module

Call Input Data Module

Call Set Currency Value Module

Call Perform Calculations Module

Call Output Data Module

End while

End Program

Program Description Module

Center justify text

Bold text

Write “International Currency Conversion Application”

Write // Line space

Left justify text

Normal text

Write “This program will convert 5 foreign currencies into U.S. Dollars. The maximum”

Write “amount of foreign currency to convert is 1,000,000 (million) units.”

Write // Line space

Menu Control Module

Write “Select from the currencies below to continue or press 6 to Exit.”

Write // Line space

Write “1. Canadian Dollar”

Write “2. Mexican Pesos”

Write “3. English Pounds”

Write “4. Japanese Yen”

Write “5. French Francs”

Write // Line space

Write “6. EXIT Program”

Write // Line space

Get Currency_Selection // When user presses any key on

The keyboard then the program will


If Currency_Selection < 1 or >6 AND <> String value then //String Value being other than a


Write “Incorrect Entry, Please try again.”

Write “Please press any key to continue.”

Get any keystroke // When user presses



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