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Cultural Communication And You

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Cultural Communication and You

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Culture and Communication

Cultural Communication and You

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Adler, Ronald B., Lawrence B. Rosenfeld, and Russell F. Proctor II

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10th ed. 198 Madison Avenue, New York, New York 10016: Oxford, 2007

Cultural Communication and You


This world is full of different cultures that affect all of us wherever we may be. Age, religion, nationality, and activities are some examples of the many differences between cultures.

Age is most likely the most diverse cultures between them all. I had an experience when I was about thirteen years old where I was not allowed to play kickball with other kids because they said I had to be fourteen to play. This can also go with kids getting there licenses at sixteen. Someone who may be fifteen and doesn't have their license may be left out on driving around and communicating with people and even the person who drives, even though there is only a year difference between them. People who are older such as twenty-one and a younger person such as eighteen might have trouble communicating on certain levels. The two people could be talking and then the twenty-one year old could make a reference to a bar or some sort of alcohol and the eighteen year old might not have any idea what he or she might be talking about because of the age restrictions on certain things. "Teens creating slang that is understood only by members of there own group" is also one of the distinctions between age. Say that kids were talking to each other in slang and a parent couldn't understand what was being said, it might make the parent feel uncomfortable and might make them express frustration.

Cultural Communication and You


Even with today's slang it is still hard for parent and older members of society to get a grasp of what is being said.

With so many nations and countries across the world come many different cultures. One experience I was talking to my friend, Don Parrish, about was when he visited over in Rome he said "That every guy there was wearing tight pants and was considered normal for them to dress nice", were as over in the United States if you wear tight pants and dress in nice shirts it considered homosexual. Over in Pakistan they might have different wear or apparel because of the harsh desert conditions and the intense heat, than compared to Canada or even people in California. Religion can also be tied to nationality as well. In the Interplay book it shows a picture of a sign that states, polite notice, Welcome to Mambrui, an Islamic village, you are requested to respect our culture. There are still some places to this day that have a very deep religious background and it is built into their entire lives. This is one of the many reasons why no matter



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