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Csob And Ipb Case Study

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CSOB and IPB case study

Business architecture

I recommend to use a product division oriented structure, for its advantage in better control and sharing the knowlegde, that will be essential

factor of succes of implementing new strategies and company culture.

Selecting a brand

In selecction of a brand I recommend a creation of a new brand. A brand that would combinate both good features each bank is possesing. CSOB is seen as too corporate for customers of IPB. IPB eas on the other hand seen not very reliable for the coproration , potential clients. Creating a new brand could mean a good impulse for a new start and could make the transformation of culture easier. Strong partner from abroad could gain a good reputation for whole group creating a new subject.

IT Integration

Very important part of banking in nowadays

markets is IT structure. In the horizont of future development, reliable, effective and ease-to-use system is a basic need. Tharefore I would recommend a slower migration of data to the newely established IT system. Using the CSOB's IT system IBIS and combining it with the know-how of personnel working for CSOB could make this transformation possible.

HR integration process

HR transformation in bank sector, in a service sector, where contact with customer is essential mean of succes can not be ignored. My opinio is, that already mentione creation of a new brand could mean a step in a good way. New brand as one of the parts of Corporate Identity can influence also other components, such as Corporate culture, image or communicaton. I see this as a connesting point in minds of employees from both sides.



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