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Crucible Comparison

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Most people know that Author Miller wrote The Crucible as a reaction to more recent events

in our countries history. The McCarthy hearings, as they came to be known, which

dominated our country from 1950 to 1954, where hearings in which many people suspected of

being related to communism, where interviewed and forced to give up names of others, or

they where imprisoned, and their names were black listed. There are several similarities

between the McCarthy Era, and the time of the Salem which trials. One similarity one will

see is what is called the scare factor. Another parallel between the two groups is the

"everybody is doing it" thoughy. You can also see a similarity in the lives that were ruined in

both eras because of the accusations and punishments.

Both those accused in The Crucible and those accused during the McCarthy hearings were

found guilty with very little evidence. You would think that such wild accusations, with so

little proof, would easily be dismissed. The primary source for McCarthy and the

accusers in Salem's support comes from what is called the scare factor. Our country was

going through a scary time, with the fear of the spread of communism on everybody's mind.

These rumors of communist in the state department sparked a hunt that many backed

because they were scared. In Salem the children where acting shady and everyone was

scared. When an explanation for this problem was suggested, because of their fear,

everyone was willing to support it.

Another source of support was the get on board, or everybody is doing it mentality.

Because it is human nature for somebody to go with the flow the people of Salem, who had

religion rammed down their throats, followed their leaders, and the rest of their neighbors in

the witch hunt. Those who disagreed where considered witches. They were watching out

for themselves, and because of their fear, the situation became more intense and more

were accused. Just as those in the story, many in our nation, and government, jumped on

board and backed McCarthy. Because of the Red Scare, everyone feared the



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