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Critical Thinking Application

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Critical Thinking Application

University of Phoenix

MGT350 Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making

Critical Thinking Application

In this paper I will be describing one of the issues I helped to improve the receiving process within the business group. I will cover what the problem statement is, what steps needed to taken, and what the outcome came to be.

Problem receiving product

I work for a group called BTAC (Board Technology Analysis Center) within Intel. When I first started learning the receiving process, I noticed there were a lot of issues that arose when receiving in product to be processed. There were three main issues. The first would be the POC (point of contact) would forget to sign the work order request sheet, which would place the request on hold, and the receiving person who have to hunt down the POC so he could sign the sheet and the work order request could then be processed. Now, in most cases this would be ok, but the BTAC turnaround time is ten days from when the customer brings the product, to when the customer picks up the product. So if they forget to sign, and the receiving person cannot locate them, the time is counting down and sometimes to get the product done by the due date the team has to push harder than normal to process the work. The second issue was the work request sheet was sometimes hard to read the POC's handwriting, so again having to locating the person to communicate what needs to happen for the work request in question would take time from the ten-day turnaround. The third was the customer had to locate the POC to fill out the work request form and if it was missing some timing the POC had to locate the customer. The bottom line was when processing a work order 25% of the time was lost due to incomplete request form or illegible writing.

Steps needed

I needed to create a way that would cut down on the time lost and the frustration from both the POC's and the receiving staff. Since I have web design experience I designed an online request form that hopefully would resolve the issues within the group when processes a work order request. To be able to make to decision



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