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Critical Thinking And Decision Making

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Critical Thinking and Decision Making

I chose to summarize the article written by Peter A. Facione for the Santa Clara University. Peter went right into the definition and the perception of critical thinking. He defined several easy to follow example in helping the audience understand what it means to be a critical thinker. They use the term explanation to explanation to relate to argument. The explanation is a way for one to provide evidence to justify one's reasoning.

The author discusses self-regulation as it affects the person trying to achieve critical thinking. I believe this could be compared to emotion. They further break down this category into self-examination and self-correction. It is a way to look into a person's self-judgment.

I enjoyed how the author described critical thinking as pervasive. Basically, some situations happen so fast that we do not have time to sit back and think critically. But by following certain guidelines and learning the basics of critical thinking, you can apply it even it time sensitive situations.

The report steps out of critical thinking and covers creative or innovative thinking. This is important because there would not be any ideas or perspectives with this type of new thinking. I have a hard time figuring out if critical thinking is part of creative thinking or more likely, creative thinking is part of critical thinking.

The next style of thinking one that has always fascinated me and that is meditative thinking. Instant reaction(s) based on critical moments. The author refers to situations as in soldiers in battle to help describe this type of thinking. I believe every situation that comes about includes a moment of meditative thinking. It might be instinct or most likely an emotional reaction due to learning some new information. Either way, meditative



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