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Critical Review Of It Does Not Matter

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Essay Preview: Critical Review Of It Does Not Matter

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The article, "IT DOES NOT MATTER" by Nicholas Carr has stirred up many debates about the issue of information technology becoming so ubiquitous and absurd that it is now more so a commodity than a necessity. (Champy, p.119) IT may be a commodity today as it is widely available at affordable prices in the corporate world as well as to the consumers. But, it is integrated within each of the business functions of a corporation to such an extent that it will continue to be a significant investment that corporations will continue to indulge in similar commodities such as telephone systems, internet, electricity, and etc. (Sturgeon, p.102)

I believe this article gives ridiculous advice to IT managers as well as IT executives. He ridiculously advises them to spend less on IT and focus more on vulnerabilities than opportunities. (Champy, p.119) Carr's opinion is an intellectual exercise based on the theory that scarcity and not ubiquity makes a business resource strategic. (Champy, p.120) I think this undermines the real world. IT has and will continue to allow new opportunities to compete and it will continue to do this.

Nicholas Carr goes on to mention that IT no longer gives businesses a competitive edge and its strategic value has decreased. I totally disagree with this view point because IT has indeed increased the strategic value of the businesses. The efficiency and effectiveness of the use of information technology give businesses their competitive edge. The renovation, transformation, and improvement of standard technology into customized and innovating services and products give businesses their competitive edge. (Smith and Fingar, p.107) I think that information technology has enabled the development of new processes, services, and products that are better suited to serve our needs thus becoming a very powerful strategic resource.

Carr goes on to mention that IT has never delivered value to business. I disagree. Carr fails to recognize that IT alone has never delivered value or competitive advantage. It's the combination of technology and innovation that helps companies outpace rivals. All infrastructure technologies--from the electric generator to the internal combustion engine--let work be performed more effectively and efficiently which in return will create value. (Champy, p.119) For example, I think Henry Ford best represents the coupling of technology and innovation with his change in how cars were produced in the 1920's which ultimately created lots of value in the business process.

Carr also thinks that IT does not add meaning to our daily operations. I totally disagree with this viewpoint. IT has a major impact and is a driving force on daily operations. (Sturgeon, p. 102) For example, it aides in supply chain management, flight and hotel reservation management, call center management, financial management, and etc. I think a lot of these processes would be rather obsolete with the aid of IT.

Carr continued his ridiculous thoughts buy saying that the most lavish spenders on IT rarely



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