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How To Write A Critical Review?

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(Summarize a Research Article)


When writing a critical review of an article, you will need to summarize, evaluate, and offer critical comment on the ideas and information that the author(s) presents in the article.

Research / scientific articles are highly structured to make information easy to find. The research article usually has the following sections: Title Page, Abstract, Introduction, Method, Results, Discussion, References, and Tables / Figures.

Your goal should be to read and understand the article, analyze the findings or arguments, and evaluate and comment on the article.

Reading the Article

• Allow enough time to understand it.

• Read the article without taking notes to gain an overall idea of its main idea.

• Identify:

-- the research question (usually stated in the Abstract and Introduction)

-- the hypothesis(es) (usually in the Introduction)

-- the test of the hypothesis (in the Methods)

-- the findings (in the Results, including tables and figures)

-- how the findings were interpreted (in the Discussion)

• Read the article again analytically and make notes of main ideas and main topic. Highlight important ideas and make brief notes.

• Read the article in depth again.

Ask yourself these questions:

-- What is interesting about this information?

-- How does the author(s) support the hypothesis?

-- What is the main aim of the article?

-- Is the article timely?

-- Is the argument / thesis convincing? Is the evidence valid?

-- How does the study design address the thesis?

-- What are the controls for each experiment?

-- Is the methodology appropriate? Any weaknesses?

-- Are the results convincing? Is it comprehensive and through?

-- What questions remain unanswered? Anything omitted?

-- Are the findings presented and described clearly and fully?

-- Could the data be interpreted in another way?

-- How does the article contribute to the field? Does it make an original contribution to the field?




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