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Creative Essay on Eating Habbits

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Essay Preview: Creative Essay on Eating Habbits

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Growing up, I was always taught to chew with my mouth closed. I have always followed this rule because it is simply disgusting to see someone chewing with their trap open. It completely ruins the meal, regardless of what we are eating.

Hearing the disgusting noises and watching chunks of food fall from people's mouths while they’re gnawing away on a piece of chicken makes me cringe. I completely lose my appetite witnessing this very unpleasant site, because it is truly repulsing. When people chew with their mouth open it is rude, annoying and extremely obnoxious. Occasionally some people do it simply to annoy others, while some individuals subconsciously chew with their mouth open. In my eyes I feel that everyone should eat in front of a mirror so they can observe how they eat. By doing this hopefully the group of mannerless slobs will see just how nasty they look while eating.

People who chew with their mouths open, obviously were not raised the correct way as a child. It is so immature and distracting to chew so loud at the dinner table. The first thing that I notice is the repulsive sound. The sloshing, chomping, gnawing, swallowing, gulping, and utterly disgusting sounds incorporated with open mouth chewing. When you hear it once you can not get it out of your head, constantly repeating sounds in your head.

This is a serious condition, if you have a rage that swells inside of you that is so dire that just makes you want to get up and punch that person/persons in the face you have what they call misophonia. People who have misophonia can have extreme cases where they must put in earplugs in order to keep them from blowing up in an enraged state.

After you hear the sounds of sloppy eating you get to witness the most horrific and dreadful site. When I see someone chewing with their mouth open all I see is someone who is unkept, dirty, awkward, and overall careless. I mean is it just me or do they just have no regard



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