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Creative Assignment

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Creative Assignment 2

  1. Robert Frost, I noticed that in this poem you were talking about fire and ice. Fire and ice are symbols that specifically represent emotions like desire and hate, but what else did you want them to symbolize
  2. In this poem, the first two line states “Some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice. If you had to choose, will the world end in fire or ice and why
  3. Frost, this poem talks about fire and ice; ice representing hate while fire symbolizes desire. Why isn’t hate a hot emotion in this poem
  4. Robert, I happened to notice that the structure you chose for your poem “Fire and Ice” is a single 9-line stanza. It was said that this was a representation if the nine circles of Dante’s hell. Is this true, and what did you hope to accomplish by writing the poem in this style
  5. The central theme of “Fire and Ice” is that human emotions are destructive when allowed to run amok. They can destroy a person morally, mentally and physically. Did you personally experience this in your life and if so, did it also inspire you to write this poem
  6. As we know by now, this poem talks about how the world will end.  In the middle of the poem it says “But if it had to perish twice”. You were obviously talking about the earth, but why would say need to say that. The world only dies once. If there’s a deeper meaning, could you shine some light on this
  7. The title of this poem is Fire and Ice, although the speaker talks about which one of the two will be the demise of the world. Why was the title Fire and Ice and not something like Fire or Ice
  8. This poem had a rhyme scheme (which is A-B-A, A-B-C, B-C-B) which follows the terza rima pattern. How did the pattern of the poem’s rhyme scheme affect the poem to the reader and what did you hope to gain out of doing this scheme
  9. Ice and Fire are two different things, but they both get the job done by destroying the world. The world will end regardless but is there another way the “world” could end
  10.  Finally, this poem was a great success in your career. This poem is one of your best and has made readers all around the world really think. Not only does this poem have a great background story, it also teaches the readers a lesson on life. How has this poem influenced you and your future



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