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Accenture And Creative Good Analysis

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Essay Preview: Accenture And Creative Good Analysis

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Article Reflection

In the article, Consulting Culture: Two Companies Uncovered, Edgar Schein's levels of organizational culture is clearly seen throughout the reading. Andersen Consulting emphasizes high standards, high profiles, high expectations, and tangible rewards. In the organizational culture this is the level of espoused values, which is based on strategies, goals and philosophies. On the other hand, Creative Good focuses action and risk taking, open communication, growth, and active listening. According to Edgar Schein, the espoused values consists of: all group learning reflects original values, social validation happens with shared learning, and first begins as shared value then becomes shared assumption. With that description of the espoused values, each company clearly has an understanding of what type of strategies, goals, and philosophies they'd like to focus on.

Another level that the Creative Good Company is very familiar with is that of artifacts. What I mean by that is they have workshops with Performance of a Lifetime, full-staff meetings and a company-wide emphasis on relationships and communication. This is grouped into the artifact level because of the ease of observance, it is considered a visible product, and it is a creation that the company decided to do which all fall under the category of artifacts.

One of the things I noticed while visiting, in the history of the company section was that, it spoke about being innovative which fall under the category of artifacts and it also talked about what their core values are. Speaking of core values has an impact on espoused values, which has social validation happening with shared learning. On the flipside, it was quite challenging to find the core values on Some of the ideas mentioned on the website were beliefs in the strategic value of a good user experience.



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