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Creating the Best Workplace on Earth

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Essay Preview: Creating the Best Workplace on Earth

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Creating the Best Workplace on Earth

In a perfect world, what would be the ideal workplace for you? How could you engage the employees? How could you retain the employees to create leaders by simultaneously fostering a culture of innovation in the organization? The answers to all of these questions can be found in the article on Creating the Best Workplace on Earth published by the Harvard Business Review. The article outlines six imperatives that serve as a manual for organizations aiming to create the most productive environment by fostering a creative culture.

These six imperatives are as follows:

  • Let people be themselves: Companies should not only accommodate differences to traditional diversity groups such as gender, age or caste but also account for subtle differences in perspectives, habits and assumptions. The ideal organization is the one that makes explicit efforts to adapt to its dominant currents in its culture, work habits and even dress code. This can be observed in the example given of LVMH, the world’s largest luxury goods company, where creative innovators thrive alongside analytical executives.

The challenge for achieving this objective can be to balance the organizational orderliness and simultaneously, nurture individuality. This is because efforts to maintain order such as competence models, appraisal systems, management by objectives and defined recruitment policies restrict the level to which employees can highlight their individuality. The key to achieve both objectives can be to nurture the small sparks of creativity to make a big difference in the customer satisfaction.



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