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Crash (The Movie)

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Crash Paper

My first impression of the movie "Crash" was that it was a bit overwhelming. Though I do agree that many, if not all of the topics are in fact true and made for the movie, I thought it was a bit exaggerated. The movie touched on so many different types of racial, class, and gender stereotypes and all seemed to have been related in the end. For example, the very first scene was of a car accident in which an Asian woman kept trying to say the word brake and the female detective mocked her, but said "blake" instead.

Some others included: Black guy said Whites are afraid all Blacks and that they cling onto their belongings, the Persian guy was buying a gun and the salesman said "jihad", the Black detective called the Hispanic female detective "Mexican" when she was actually half Puerto Rican and half South American, Black man made fun of country music, the Black character in the TV show was supposedly acting too "Black" when he was suppose to be the "smart one", White cop pulled car over for no reason at all, White cop fondled the Black woman in front of her husband, White cop called to speak with the Black health official and was rejected, so he ask her name and she said "Shaneequa". The White cop replied with, "Of course it is". When the White politician's wife got the locks changed, she thought the Hispanic locksmith was going to make copies and give them to his friends because he was a "gangbanger" in front of her Hispanic cleaning lady, the Persian man thought the Hispanic locksmith cheating him by saying he needed a new door, not a lock and intruders spray painted "Arabs" on the wall of the Persian family's store.

I believe that all the above situations create hostility when not necessary. Society has enough problems with things out of our control that purposely being mean to another due to race, gender, or class just adds stress to an already stressful society. I truly believe that if people would take the time to educate themselves or make the tiniest connection to another's culture that they would be more willing to accept it. Although it



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