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Count Of Monte Cristo

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The Life of the Great Alexandre Dumas

Alexandre Dumas was a French novelist/playwright from the 1900's. He was born July 24, 1802 in Villes-Cotterкts and died December 5, 1870 and was buried at Villes-Cotterкts. Thomas Alexandre Dumas Mavey de la Pailleterie, Dumas' father, was from a noble French family, while his mother, Marie-Cйsette Dumas, was a Dominican Negro slave (Stanley Kutiz and Colby 242).

His father, Thomas Dumas, was a general for the great Napoleon Bonaparte: Napoleon was a dear friend to Thomas. But for no reason, or at least reasons unknown to today, Napoleon had soon despised his close friend. One day Napoleon had sent Thomas to war; since he was one of the top generals. But at war he was captured by the enemy. Thomas died a broken man in a prison cell, leaving his wife, four year old son, and 13 year old daughter alone. Alexandre and his family were soon taken in by his mothers' parents, whom had continued to look after his family for many years. (Conrad, Cady 1).

Alexandre was taught all of his school education by his mother, sister, and himself in his early years. Although his writing skills were immaculate, he failed miserably when it came to arithmetic. However, he was a diligent worker and always tried his best. Along with his writing skills; Dumas was a talented speaker and had conversed with the adults many times as a child, when forcing himself into all of their conversations. Some of the extra activities he took on were singing, dancing, fencing, shooting, and horse back riding. He was never a strong singer but he was an excellent dancer and fencer, and like most children he loved the outdoors. After he had absorbed all the knowledge he could from his mother and sister he was sent away for the rest of his schooling to be taught by Abbe Gregorie.

In 1815 his mother had taken him to help to Bonapartist generals who were imprisoned. He was determined



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