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Cosmetic Surgery

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Fads in beauty come and go; something that may be in vogue one day may very well fade into obscurity the next. To decide the magazine’s next feature, I believe it is pertinent that we touch on trends that have some degree of permanence, therefore as I researched into emerging trends under the Beauty category, I focused on long-term trends that would be relevant but not necessarily well understood by readers. I have shortlisted two such trends that the magazine could potentially feature; the growing acceptance of cosmetic surgery amongst men and the rising popularity of natural, environmentally friendly beauty products over their traditional counterparts. Between the two trends, I believe that a piece on cosmetic surgery for men could potentially bring more benefits to the magazine.

Cosmetic surgery demand has been traditionally driven by women, with females contributing to 86.2% of all cosmetic procedures worldwide (Globe NewsWire, 2017). However, as of late it has garnered increasing interest amongst millennial men. Cosmetic procedures amongst men has been growing at a sturdy rate of 3% yearly which is twice than the total number of procedures reported in 2000 (Attn, 2015). In a survey conducted, 31% of men interviewed of which 92% were millennials, were keen on cosmetic enhancements. This can be partially attributed towards men wanting to look more aesthetically pleasing as well as to remain competitive in the workforce (Bloomberg, 2017). This newfound acceptance amongst men can also be attributed to improvements in technology. More cosmetic procedures, such as thread lifts that eliminate droopy skin, are available at a lower cost with a shorter recovery time as compared to traditional procedures like facelifts, mitigating some of the stigma that was previously associated with surgery. As a result, men now have better access to an array of cosmetic procedures to groom themselves. However, despite the growing acceptance of beauty enhancements amongst men, there are inadequate resources and coverage on the options available for cosmetic surgery, and I believe that many of our viewers would be interested to learn more about this through a magazine feature.

Another trend that could drive the beauty industry is the surging popularity of natural



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