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Cosmetic Surgery

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In today’s society, most people are insecure about their looks in some way. Cosmetic Surgery can allow you to regain ones confidence in ones body, but also can become a devastating risk if you do not take the necessary precautions. The only way to correct a defect in ones body is plastic surgery; which deals with the makeover of facial and body tissue that require reshaping. Cosmetic surgery is defined as a medical specialty that uses a number of surgical non-surgical techniques to change the appearance and function of a person’s body.

So where did this type of surgery come from, and who started it? cosmetic Surgery came fro the Romans and reaches all the way back to the 700's BCE. The romans were the only people known who could perform a simple technique such as repairing damaged ears. The way the Romans repaired these dammaged ears was by removing skin from the back of the arm and stiching it in place. In about the 19th to 20th century this easy technique became a common surgery, but while having risks of infections and severe pain in some cases lead to death. Anesthesia and sterlizations became effective. Infection from surgery was reduced when disenfectants and the invention of pencilillin becam known. Our first U.S. plastic surgeon was Dr. John Peter Mettauer who was born in 1827 with tools that he developed himself. While serving in World War 1 and World War 2, Sr. Harold Gillies developed some of the techniques that are used today while witnessing awful injuries such as shattered jaws, and blown of noses, caused by modern weopens required innovative procedures. Dr. Gillies is now considered to be our father of modern plastic surgery. Dr. Gillies work was expanded all over the United States, by one of his former student and cousin Archilbald McIndoe, who also specialized in cosmetic surgery. The history of cosmetic surgery has its origin in the improvment of the body. (wikipedia, p2)

Cosmetic surgery is very popular, nearly 11 million surgies were performed in the United States. Cosmetic Surgery can change your look in a good or bad way. Even at the highest level of care, sugery has risks as well as benifits. There is no such thing as a perfect operation. Some people consider Cosmetic Surgery c to be safe. Even the complications of surgery are considered to be rare there are still existing risks and complications just as well as any other surgerys. The complications and risks depends on what type of cosmetic surgery that will be performed, as well as the patients previous health condition. Patents such as smokers, the elderly,people with diabetes, heat conditions and certain allergies are more likely to encounter risks. A general risk that are associated with cosmetic surgery is obviously bleeding. Bleeding is expected within the first day of surgery, but to much bleeding can cause skin death. when blood pools, it collects under the skin and forms hematoma. The hematoma will contnuie to grow and will compress the tissue and prevent oxygen from circulating. The second general risk is suture reaction and wound seperation. A spitting suture which is most likley to occur in weeks after surgery. Sometime the body might reject the suture and it the body trys to push it to the surface of skin. Dr. Abeville quoted, "Anytime an incision is made, there is a probabality that it will not seal properly. leading to wound seperation. Many factors such as bleeding, nicotine use, excessive movement, steriod medication, uncontrolled blood sugar, hematoma, and infection can contribute to a poor healing. The surgical technique, the amount of tension placed on the wound, premature



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