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Corporate Social Responsibility Sample Letter

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Subject: Recent CR effort to promote financial literacy

Dear Valued Student,

The student community usually considers McGraw-Hill only as a publisher of textbooks. However, we are committed to serve you and your peers in more than one dimension. Aside from our publications, we also offer a range of services related to financial literacy and personal finance. The Financial Literacy program is our most recent corporate responsibility (CR) effort that aims to provide these types of financial services. This program can not only benefit you, but it is also a wonderful opportunity for us to integrate our core mission into our CR efforts while contributing back to the community.

Grants giving to organizations

This program is a tool that aims to prepare you to make difficult financial decisions. We achieve this through grants given to different organizations, such as the Jump$tart Coalition, and the New York Financial Literacy Coalition, who uses these grants to promote financial literacy to students. Through this initiative, we aim to bring necessary financial information to you and greatly enhance your personal financial knowledge.

Benefits to students

Since 2003, our donation to the Jump$tart Coalition has funded many training workshops to improve teachers' personal financial literacy. In return, we encourage these teachers to modify

their curriculum by including their new knowledge of personal finance. This improved curriculum would ultimately benefit students such as you. In 2005, our grants have supported workshops in 16 different



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